Fresh Holiday wreaths for sale - Our Story

It all started in 1980 - Pam and her friend were hand-painting window signs at a burger restaurant for Halloween. While they were painting, a Property Manager from next door approached them. He asked, “Do you decorate for Christmas? Our mall next door is vacant, and we’re in need of holiday decorations to liven up the space. We want the mall to stand out on the map for other merchants to open their shops here. Interested?”

“Of course,” Pam said. “I’ll come by the mall and give you a bid.”

That night, Pam decided to go for it. She designed out the entire mall for the first time. Pam hand-painted every store window in that mall, while getting help to hang garland and lights on the building. It was a wild success.

Having discussed this idea, she knew these decorations needed to exist. There were already holiday decorations, sure. Holiday lights, too. Yet, nothing out there spoke to them. The current manufactured look of bows and wreaths were safe and unexciting. She envisioned bright,  heartwarming, unforgettable experiences for the holidays. She wanted to showcase her own unique style to the world. That winter, Commercial Holiday Decorators LLC. was formed.

Each year, word spread. More projects came in and this idea was now a fun new business. She started decorating for the Portland Trail Blazers and Luxury Theater. It was wild!

As a Thank You to each client, she gifted them a holiday wreath to bring home to their families. Year after year, this gift turned into a tradition for each client. Soon enough, they wanted to buy wreaths for their own clients, family, and friends. This extension turned into Oregon Holiday Wreaths.

Today, we continue this tradition. We love this idea and hope our fresh holiday wreaths can bring together fun and happy holidays for the whole family.

-Happy Holidays from Pam and the family

100% Handcrafted Wreaths

Oregon Holiday Wreaths handcrafts beautiful, highly decorated wreaths. The wreaths are made with Noble Fir, Douglas Fir, Incense Cedar, Juniper, Holly Berries and Pine Cones, topped off with beautiful handmade bows and ornaments. Our wreaths are 100% fresh, never machine-made or stored in coolers. Upon order, they’re immediately packed into a shipping carton, staying fresh all the way to your home.

Size of Christmas Wreaths

Our wreaths range from 22, 26, and 32 inches in diameter. After decorating, they weigh about seven pounds offering a full, well-flourished wreath. They are long lasting and a great gift for the holidays.

Hand-tied bows & Quality ribbon

Hand-tied bows & Quality ribbon

Each and every bow is hand-tied with the highest quality ribbon. The holiday ribbons have wired edges that allow the bows to hold it shapes both in shipping and on the front door for the entire season.

It's all Sustainable

Oregon Holiday Wreaths views have always been to bolster and assist our local beauty. We thrive on being conscious of our environmental surroundings while providing the best, fresh organic evergreens in each and every one of our products. This means all our fresh boughs are trimmed from the lower branches and only from younger healthy coniferous trees from high altitudes of the Great Pacific Northwest. As a company, we're conscious of the environment and doing everything we can in our operation to preserve the beauty of the Northwest with minimal impact.

Each gift is delivered in a recycled box that can be used to store holiday decorations for the following year.