If you want your inside wreath and/or swag to last throughout the holidays, then daily misting is advisable. If the fresh greens are kept outside and are exposed to rain and snow, then there is no special care needed until you take it down. On the other hand, if you live in a hot climate and you want the wreath or swag to last the entire season then either hang them in a shady area, or feel free to mist with water as often as you think about it. Another way to prolong the life of greenery in hot climates is to buy a can of anti-transpirant or anti-desiccant spray. By coating all the leaves it protects the fresh greens from heat, keeping them vibrant and fresh. 


Handmade and easy to care for, our fresh cut centerpieces are a beautiful way to add fragrance to any room for the holidays or other special occasions. 

Your fresh centerpiece will last a long time if it is appropriately cared for. To make sure your evergreen plant lasts throughout the season, follow the instructions below.

1) Carefully remove the evergreens from the box. There may be ties securing it down to the box. If there are, they will be located in either the back of the bottom of the box - untwist the ties and shake off any loose or dry needles. If the plant need a little fluffing to get back it natural shape, then do so. Same with any accompanying bow - the wire bow will hold its shape once fluffed.

2) Fresh evergreen centerpieces should be kept away from direct heat and outside elements otherwise they will dry out. The heat sources to avoid are: direct sunlight, heat vents, and open flames. If the centerpiece is outdoors, keep it in a sheltered location and out of temperatures below 36°F.

3) After you've placed you fresh centerpiece or the table or mantle, it is a good idea to fill the green plastic centerpiece bowl with water so the floral foam can soak up the water. If the evergreen centerpiece sits in an oasis block (a thick green sponge), keep the block moist. Do this by adding water to it every other day or as needed. 

This is how you'll keep you fresh greens fresh. In addition to watering, misting the evergreens with a spray bottle of water daily will also extend the life, and increase the amazing fragrance. If you move your centerpiece to a cooler place at night, either in a garage, back porch, or basement it can also prolong the freshness.  

4) If your centerpiece needs cleaning, use a light feather duster to ensure needles stay in place.

Note: Take caution where you place your fresh centerpiece. It's best to protect the surface from moisture damage and scratches. Also, if there are candles in your arrangement, don't let the candles burn down beyond 4” from the greenery. Never leave a candle burning unattended and keep away from paper.


As mentioned previously, it depends on where you place your greenery, either inside or outside, and how often you water or mist the fresh greens. 

  • Mist every day or two
  • If in dry climate use Anti-Transpirant Sprays
  • Keep the wreaths and swags cooler, even transporting them to cooler areas at night.
  • If you want to extend the life, keep outdoors on sides of houses, garages, mailboxes, barns, fences.